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New cent super 555 days

Cent  Super Time Deposit for 555 Days  (Callable)


Eligibility for opening.

All type of customers eligible for opening including NRE

Type of Deposit



Minimum & Maximum Amount of Deposit.

Minimum Rs.10,000/-

Maximum Upto Rs.10.00 Cr.


Period of Deposit

The Deposit will be accepted for a fixed period of 555 days.


Rate of Interest

Special interest @* 7.25 % with additional interest of 0.50% to Senior Citizens, 1 % to Staff and 1.50% to Senior Citizen retired staff will be paid.


*Rate of interest will change from time to time as per ALCO directions

Premature Withdrawal of Deposit.

Though the deposit is accepted for a fixed period of 555 days, a customer may opt for premature withdrawal of deposit, applicable rate of interest for the period of deposit (subject to applicability of prevailing rules on premature withdrawal) will be paid


Account Opening Facility

The product can also be opened through online/Net Banking/Mobile Banking