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Key features of Cent Super Deposits -999 days

  • The Deposit will be accepted for a fixed period of 999 days. No deposit will be accepted under the scheme for a longer or shorter period.
  • Minimum amount Rs.10,000 and Maximum amount of Rs.10.00 crore
    Special interest 6.25% with additional 0.50% to senior citizens, 1% to staff & 1.50% to Senior Citizen retired staff will be paid. However additional benefit of interest is not allowed on NRE deposit to either Senior citizen or ex-staff/staff (* The rate of interest will be change from time to time as per ALCO direction.)
  • Term Deposit in nature with an option of interest payment at monthly/ quarterly/ half yearly intervals or cumulative type
  • The product can also be opened through online/Net Banking/Mobile Banking
  • Rate of Interest on NRE Deposit ---- The deposits under the Scheme will attract interest at the rate of 6.25%. Additional benefit of interest is not allowed to either Senior citizen or ex-staff/staff.
  • Premature Withdrawal of NRE Deposit--- In case of premature withdrawal No interest payable if closed before completion of 1 year.

1% penal interest to be applied (as applicable) if closed before maturity after completion of 1 year.

Premature withdrawal is not allowed if loan availed against the deposit

**For more details contact to nearest Branch.