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Cent Flexi Agri Business Loan


To provide finance to the units engaged in Food and Agro processing /Agri Infrastructure/Seed Production /Bio Pesticides & Bio Fertilizers/ Agri Service providers/Ancillary activities


 Individual / Firm/LLP/Cooperative Society/FPO/Companies engaged in  agro related activity

Nature of facility

Term Loan /OD/BG/LC

Quantum of Loan

Minimum Rs 2.00 Lakhs

Maximum Rs 10.00 Lakhs


OD/Peak level OD-20%, TL/Open TL-25%, BG/LC-20%


Hypothecation of stock/receivables/Plant and Machinery

Collateral Security : Minimum 100% of loan amount

Interest Rate

Up to Rs 3.00 Lakhs: MCLR+1.00 %

Above Rs 3.00 Lakh upto Rs 10.00 Lakhs: MCLR+1.15%

Above Rs 10.00 Lakhs upto Rs 100.00 Lakhs : MCLR+1.25%

Above Rs 100.00 Lakhs : As per credit rating                  

Processing Charges

Sanction :0.25% of limit/Loan amount

Renewal: 0.10% of limit/Loan amount 


Term Loan –Max 108 months (Mortorium Max 12 Months)

OD/BG/LC: Annual renewal

Documentation Charges

Up to Rs 2.00 Lakhs: NIL

Above Rs 2.00 Lakh to Rs 25.00 Lakh: Rs 50/- per Lakh

Above Rs 25.00 Lakh to Rs 50.00 Lakh: Rs 75/- per Lakh

Above Rs 50.00 Lakh to Rs 100.00 Lakh : Rs 100/- per Lakh

Above Rs 1.00 Lakh to Rs 10.00 Cr : Rs 100/- per Lakh