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Cent Kisan Tatkal Scheme

Cent Kisan Tatkal Scheme

Purpose * To provide instant credit to the Farming community to meet their emergency requirements for Agricultural and domestic purposes for tiding over temporary difficulties.
Eligibility * Individual farmers/Joint borrowers who are existing Kisan Credit Card holders of the bank.
Nature of facility * Term Loan repayable within 5 years.
Quantum of Loan * 50% of CKCC limit or 25% of annual income (minimum Rs.1,000/- and maximum Rs.50,000/-.)
Security * Charge on the existing securities obtained for CKCC.
Interest Rate * MCLR + 1.35%
Upfront Fee 

* Upto Rs 3 Lakh/- : Nil

* Above Rs 3 Lakh/- : 50% of 1.25% (i.e. 0.625 %)

Repayment * Within 5 years in suitable instalments coinciding with overall income generation.

For further details, please contact our nearest branch.