Cent- Warehouse receipt scheme (WHR)



* Finance against Warehouse/Cold Storage Receipts and Negotiable Warehouse Receipts issued by WDRA accredited Warehouses i.e. Central Warehouse Corporation, State Warehouse Corporation, Maharashtra State Warehouse Corporation etc. to Farmers/Traders/Processors/Arthiyas.


• Existing/New customers:

1. Individual Farmers (including SHGs/JLGs/Corporates including Farmers’ producer companies of Individual Farmers/Partnership Firms and Co-operatives of Farmers directly engaged in Agricultural and allied activities.

2. Arthias/Commission Agents, Traders.

3. Food and Agro based processing units.

Quantum of Finance:

* Need Based



 * 35% on Market Price/Value as per Warehouse Receipt or 20% on Minimum Support Price whichever is lower.



* Primary Security:
      Pledge of Warehouse Receipt.
* Collateral Security:
      In case WHR is issued by CWC, SWC and Collateral Managers having tie-up arrangement with bank – NIL.
      In other cases, as per guidelines in WHR scheme. 

Interest Rate


•    As per prevailing Rate of Interest for the scheme.

•    For Agriculture loans up to Rs.10lac- Interest subvention is also available against Negotiable WHR for a further period of 6 months from the due date of repayment of crop loan fixed by the branch or one year from the availment of loan whichever is earlier to small & marginal farmers having KCC.

Terms of Repayment:

•    Normal Shelf life of the commodity/12 months from disbursement/Due date of WHR, whichever is earlier.



* For details please contact our nearest Branch.