Home Saving Safe Accounts (H.S.S)




Offers you to deposit your Small Savings etc , and utilize the same for your day to day requirements.

Who can open the Account :

  • An individual – Single Accounts.
  • Joint Accounts in the name of two or more individuals.
  • Minor jointly with his/her natural / appointed guardian
  • Minor who is literate and of the age of 10 years and above individually in his/her name.
  • Blind persons.
  • Illiterate persons
  • Hindu Undivided Family (HUF)
  • Receivers/administrators/Attorney appointed by Courts etc
  • Non-Residents.
  • Associations, Clubs, Societies (including    Co-operatives) etc,
  • Trusts (if they do not conduct any business which is of commercial nature).
  • Institutions/Agencies specifically permitted by the Reserve Bank of India
  • [Military units for the funds of Regimental Units mainly consisting of contributions from individual members of the Unit, income from Regimental properties, collections made on Army Day etc].
    *Refer RBI circular issued from time to time for eligibility

Documents required for opening of HSS Accounts :

  1. Passport
  2. Driving License
  3. Proof of Possession of Aadhaar number
  4. Voter's Identity Card issued  by Election Commission of India
  5. Job card issued by NREGA duly signed by an officer of the State Government.
  6. The letter issued by the National Population Register containing details of name and address
  7. PAN Card

Minimum Balance Requirement: ( On Quarterly Average Balance basis)

(1) For Metro /Urban Branches   -      Rs.2000/-
      For Semi Urban Branches -          Rs.1000/-
      For Rural Branches -                    Rs. 500/-
(2) Charges for non-maintenance of minimum balance:
     i  For Rural   Branches
        QAB between Rs 250 Rs500/-      Rs 30/  per quarter
        QAB less than Rs 250/-                Rs 60/  per quarter
     ii For Semi Urban    
        QAB between Rs 500Rs1000/-     Rs 60/  per quarter
        QAB less than Rs 500/-                Rs 120/  per quarter
     iii For Urban  Branches  
         QAB between Rs 1000Rs2000/-    Rs 100/  per quarter
         QAB less than Rs 1000/-   -           Rs 180/  per quarter
    iv  For Metro Branches    
        QAB between Rs 1000 Rs 2000/-    Rs 150/  per quarter
        QAB less than Rs 1000/-                 Rs 240/  per quarter
As per bank new service charges circular no 2128 dated 27.08.2019 time to time changes as applicable.

5.Cheque Book Charges :                                             Individual                                  Non-Individual

MICR Cheques                 Upto20 leaves per year      Free                                          Free

                                           Above 20 leaves                 Rs.3.00 per leaf                        Rs.3.00 per leaf
                                                                                         Rural/Semi-Urban                     Rural/Semi-Urban

Non-MICR Cheques        Upto20 leaves per year      Free                                            Free

                                          Above 20leaves                   Rs.4.00 per leaf                         Rs 4.00 per leaf
                                                                                         Urban/Metro                              Urban/Metro

6. Withdrawals

  • Through Cheques
  • Through withdrawal slip    
  • Through ATM Debit Card

7. Interest

At present up to Rs 10.00 lacs 2.90 % p.a. and above Rs.10 lacs 2.75 % p.a.

8. Nomination Facility

Nomination Facility is available

9. Other Facilities

  • Cheque Collection
  • Stop Payment
  • Standing Instructions
  • Internet Banking
  • Safe Deposit Vault facility
  • SMS Alerts on deposit /withdrawal
  • ECS ( CR/DR ) facility is available

( Subject to charge from time to time )