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Cent Cold Storage

Eligibility:   Profit making existing Unit, New Unit           

Nature of Facility: Term loan / Overdraft against book debt

Quantum of Finance:  Minimum-Rs. 10.00 Lakh
                                        Maximum - Rs.50.00 crore.

Interest Rate: Attractive and competitive Interest

Margin :Overdraft limit for advance payment to farmer -25%  Overdraft Limit against rent receivable (Max 12 M)-40% Term Loan   -25 %

Tenor : 12 Months for WC and 10 year for TL

Security : Equitable Mortgage on Cold storage

Interest Subvention: 3 % per annum on term loan up to limit of Rs 2.00 crore for a period of Max 7 years under Central Sector Scheme-Agriculture Infra Fund.